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Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.​

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124 Highway 35

Neptune, New Jersey  07753

Phone: (732) 774-4997


Do I need to schedule an appointment for installation?

Walk-ins and same day service are commonplace here at Auto Audio. Our efficiency and experience allow us to provide a complete and unrushed professional installation with minimal wait time. There is nothing like instant gratification! The only exception to this is during the Holiday season, we do get a bit back-logged with remote start installations. In this case, we will make our best effort to accommodate you in a timely fashion.

With so many mobile electronics brands to choose from, how do I know which are the best?

With over 38 years in working with different product lines, we have come to the conclusion that dealing with a specialized mobile electronics company (i.e. Alpine, Kenwood, Compustar) will provide you with a product of outstanding quality, useful features, and exceptional product support. With so many of our competitors pushing “jack-of-all-trades” brands to increase profitability, poor product support and lack of product innovation often leaves the mobile electronics consumer unsatisfied. At Audio Audio, our primary concern is that we provide our customers the best products, service, and support at a competitive price. The vendors we choose are critical to accomplish our service goals, and providing you with the most positive mobile electronics experience.

I was browsing through some mobile electronics items on the internet and noticed that prices are very low. What are the advantages of buying from a shop like yours?

Beware when making internet purchases for mobile electronics goods! Often products are refurbished, “grey goods”, or blemished items. There are very few authorized internet sellers when it comes to mobile electronics. Buying from an unauthorized seller leaves you with no factory warranty, which leaves you at the mercy of the online seller. When you are buying a product that requires installation by a skilled professional, you will always be better off dealing with a specialty shop like ours. Our prices are very competitive, and often lower than authorized internet dealers. We also offer the convenience of free troubleshooting and removal/re-install of our products which require service. This eliminates service/troubleshooting fees and product turn-around time (don’t forget the hassle of shipping!) that you will encounter with an online purchase.

Will you install a product that I purchased on the internet?

Yes we will! However, the labor rate is significantly higher for customer supplied equipment vs. equipment purchased at our store. Also, if your product fails or needs troubleshooting, you will be subject to service/troubleshooting fees. When purchasing directly from us, you will receive a much lower labor rate and will never be charged for troubleshooting/service for a product that has been purchased and installed at Auto Audio. The initial amount saved on an internet purchase is often lost on labor and various other inconveniences. Often, the end result is a frustrated consumer and little to no savings. At Auto Audio, we offer peace of mind and a high level of service that an internet seller simply cannot match.

Will having a remote car starter installed void my vehicle factory warranty?

Absolutely not. It is very common for misinformed dealership personnel to convey this message to their customers. Either the dealer is not aware of the Magnuson V. Moss act which prevents this, or they would like to sell you what they offer, often at a very high mark-up. The Federal Magnuson V. Moss act prevents the dealer/manufacturer from voiding your warranty, simply because after-market equipment has been installed.

Can a remote car starter be installed on a manual transmission vehicle?

Yes! Our solution for these vehicles incorporates the safest and most effective installation method and design. Not only does the design insure the vehicle is in neutral with the parking brake applied, it also includes an accelerometer to detect even the slightest movement on remote start. This shuts down the system immediately for safety. Other systems typically re-attempt the remote start sequence if left in gear, which can result in personal and property damage!  This method is exclusive to the Compustar, as no other manufacturer offers this. Call for more details.